About Me

Hi, I am Samantha a cheerful Mommy living in Seattle.  I and the Mom to a bright eyed little boy and lucky enough to have stolen my best friends heart. I love trying new products for my little, myself and our house! And enjoy testing out new cloth diapers and make the process as easy as possible.  Stay awhile I have lots to share!
Hello my loves, I am beyond sorry we have been missing for so long. Over Christmas holidays life got so busy with family things we also found out if was pregnant! Yay sadly with that came horrible morning sickness and I was very tired all the time. Mason also had me up basically all night nursing that’s how I came to thinking I was pregnant he would nurse and nurse and nurse literally the whole night! Since he has weaned and also now sleeps in his own room and bed for most of the night! Yay Mason.
Over the past few months Mason has turned two! We are having another boy in September, we have not picked a name yet. So excited two have two little boys.
I will try to be blogging a lot more I really miss it and chatting with all you loves. Please bare with me while I get back into the swing of things.